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  • Do you have an idea but do not know how to start a project?

  • Are you creating your product but do you need business help?

  • Do you feel stuck with your project? Is it hard to define your next step?


Social Spark Lab at a Glance

Here at Social Spark Lab, we want to increase the current entrepreneurs funnel. Current incubation/acceleration platforms are leaving behind many people who can be successful too. We foster the overall ecosystem to generate successful entrepreneurs from scratch, without selecting or judging them based on their credentials or previous experience.

We strongly believe in entrepreneurship as a channel to solve real problems and in equal opportunities for everyone to learn how to launch their own startup.

Education & Networking & Mentoring

Launch a successful Startup

With this program, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those who want to launch a business.

You will be able to launch a business that attracts investors.

With access to the right resources, knowledge and people, entrepreneurs can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential.


Read our FAQ to understand more about the program.


What will you get from the program?

A business ready to attract investments

A go-to-market strategy defined and validated

An organized plan to scale your team and grow your business

Your own Startup!


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