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Purpose Lab

Purpose Lab focuses on the psycho-social aspects of entrepreneurship. While accelerator programs provide resources, skills, and knowledge to entrepreneurs, the mental-emotional contributions to organizational success largely go ignored. Given the high numbers of startups that fail, Purpose Lab believes a key factor to turning teams around is helping entrepreneurs overcome limiting beliefs, rewire emotional patterns, and address any fears holding them back from reaching their potential.

Purpose Lab uses processes that harness the science of how our mind and emotions work to provide the most modern and transformational coaching. Ashley Heacock, Founder of Purpose Lab, has developed a process called Quantum Healing to rewrite beliefs, emotions, and fears at the subconscious level. She helps entrepreneurs heal their past so as to chart their path forward through a Conscious Creating process whereby individuals are able to manifest their dreams once thought to be impossible.

Purpose Lab has helped entrepreneurs release anxiety, believe in themselves, speak their voice, be calm amidst chaos, not take things personally, and have healthy relationships with team members. Purpose Lab has coached entrepreneurs at MIT’s summer entrepreneurship program DeltaV, at WeWork, and in the Boston area.

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