SSL is a social enterprise helps everyone to develop a startup. It does not select entrepreneurs by a persuasive speech nor a background. SSL provides personalized training and support to develop an idea until becoming a business.


Late in 2017, we started a research about the Startup Ecosystem and they realized that the world is full of people who want to be entrepreneurs but don't have an “enlightening idea” or people who have an idea but don't know how to start a business and the current system does not provide support for those people.

We found that several non-inclusion and non-diversity practices are structural to the system. Currently, these problems created different gaps among entrepreneurs and make the entrepreneurship funnel very narrow, giving opportunities to only a few "winners".

Our goal is to close the inclusion and diversity gaps and broaden the entrepreneurship funnel.

Social Spark Lab is the first inclusive startup launcher. We are here to democratize access to entrepreneurship skills, support, mentoring and funding in the Greater-Boston area.

You don't need a strong team, a disruptive idea, or a business plan to start working with us. You just need your passion and commitment solving real problems. We will help you launch a strong investable business!

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